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Welcome to our Highland home

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Our home...

A family bed and breakfast, Davar looks out over Lochinver harbour with wonderful views of the village and the mountains behind.

Davar is located in Lochinver, about half way round the NC500 route and right at the heart of the NorthWest Highlands Geopark. 

We have only four rooms, each one individually decorated and we are very pleased to work with and showcase some wonderful local produce both in our rooms and as part of our breakfasts.

Sorry, we don't accept pets at Davar. We have our own cats, and they defend their territory.  Please be assured that they do know their boundaries and they are not allowed in guest rooms.

Book Direct - always get the best price.

Although Davar can be found on online booking sites, we will always offer the best price on our own website and the booking calendar is always up to date - book direct, support small business and get the best possible price.

With that in mind, we've just added an automatic discount for direct bookings (from this website only) - if you book 2 or more nights for 2 persons, we will automatically drop £5 per night from your booking price and for 3 or more nights that discount will be £10 per night.

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Our Rooms

We are just a humble bed and breakfast rather than a hotel with bland, generic rooms. Each of our four rooms are uniquely decorated the way we like it with those special little touches that we have enjoyed on our own breaks. Our aim is to make our Highland home somewhere you can feel at home.

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There's only 4 rooms at Davar. Each one is en-suite and is individually styled. When you book with us, the room you book will be the room you'll stay in - we don't have a generic room type. We've tried to take pictures that show the room, the bed, the view and anything else we can think of, but if you'd like more information on any of them, please don't hesitate to ask! 

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Room 1 View
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Room 1
With a sumptuous king sized bed and views looking out over Lochinver bay, harbour and with cracking views of Suilven and Cul Mor, this is the one to stay in, if you want to watch the sun rise over the mountains.

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Room 2  
Our twin room looks out over the harbour and Lochinver bay. A great place to watch the deer on the hill outside or relax and enjoy the views.

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Room 3 view
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Room 3
A gorgeous king sized bed, plenty of space to work (work? on holiday?) or just relax and watch the sun setting on Lochinver bay. Room 3 with it's view to the West is the one to pick if you like space and sunsets.

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Room 4 View
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Room 4: Mini Suite
Definitely the biggest treat in the house. Our downstairs king sized bed in an easier to access room that has space for a sofa and views out on our garden - you might even see us picking the strawberries for tomorrows breakfast if you watch closely.

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Highland home - highland produce

We're really proud to support other small local business'. Whether it's buying meat from our local butcher, eggs from a local croft, jam from a local producer, salmon smoked in the village or coffee roasted in the highlands we always use the best we can find locally.

That includes our soft furnishings - many of which were made in the village, our soaps and shampoos and even the curtains on the bedroom windows and we will be more than happy to direct you to those wonderful local business'.

We also make many of the ingredients on the breakfast buffet ourselves with homemade yoghurts, pancakes and meusli. We thinks it just tastes better and we hope you do too.